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Cardboard coffins used for cremation in Sri Lanka

People in Sri Lanka have started to use cardboard coffins due to the hike in Covid-19 death toll.

The coffin is made out of recycled papers in a factory located in Dehiwala- Mount Lavina and it’s owned by a local government official Priyantha Sahabandu.

According to MR. Priyantha “as Sri Lanka’s death toll surged to immense numbers everyday, some choose to go for this type of coffins for cremation.”

He added “Regardless of the pandemic people die from various other illness and accidents, however the average death in Sri Lanka is about 400 including the Covid deaths.”

When we consider cardboard coffin for cremation instead of Wooden coffin, we can save our environment because for cremating nearly 400 people a day we have to cut more than 250 trees, he said.

Further he said considering the economic situation in the country amid a pandemic people go with the cost effective LKR 4,500/= ($22) cardboard coffin instead of spending LKR 30,000/= ($150) for a wooden coffin.

Moreover he also said “people choose our product because of it’s efficiency in all aspects but we are finding difficulties in supplying because of our capacity, we are also working on it to continue supply.” (World Broadcasting)


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