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Friday, March 24, 2023

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Taliban seized 18 out of 34 provinces in Afghanistan

18 out of 34 provinces in Afghanistan have been captured and declared to be controlled by Taliban thus far.

Taliban has seized the second and third largest cities of Afghanistan and just away from Kabul, reportedly most of the important cities of Afghanistan are under the control of Taliban.

A government official also confirmed “the economic hub of South Kandahar is also in their hands”

The local media from Afghanistan stated nearly 65% of nation’s territory is now controlled by Taliban.

Amrullah Saleh the vice president of Afghanistan tweeted after having a national security meeting chaired by president Ashraf Ghani.

President Ghani most likely to address the nation on Saturday (14) over the national security and the fate of the regime, official said.

The international community along with NATO delegates met in Brussels on Friday (13) for the discussion while USA administrated 3,000 fresh troops to Kabul international airport and thousands more to the regime. (World Broadcasting)


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